Kiln Ceramics

Our technical ceramics may also be applied in kiln measuring equipment – inter alia in all types of Piecoweceramic housings/covers/tubes/bushes and other.

Housings for thermocouples (with or without a flange) shall be manufactured by means of istostatic pressing or extrusion in uniform element. Because of the fact that there are not any joints, the housings observe all the standards as gas- and vacuum-tight housings.

Application area of our kiln ceramics:

  • Recycling / Wastes incineration
  • Glass industry
  • Machines and installation construction
  • Steelworks and ironworks
  • Automotive and aviation industry
  • Thermal processing
  • Laboratories
  • Industrial furnaces construction
  • Aluminium and non-ferrous metals
  • Concrete and construction materials manufacturing  industry
  • Power plants
  • Materials for ceramic housings:

C799” – Al2o3 99,7 % – maximum temperature of continuous operation

Characteristic features: Gas-tight, vacuum-tight, resistant to acids, hot steam, very high flame resistance. Poor resistance to thermal shock. Applied in gas-tight furnaces, in chemical industry and cement manufacturing.

We also manufacture all other grades of alumina kiln ceramics.